Shako of the 3rd Bucks (Buckingham) Rifle Volunteer Corps, 1860-63

The 3rd Bucks (Buckingham) RVC was officially accepted on 11 May 1860. Fears of French invasion led to the government somewhat reluctantly bowing in May 1859 to the volunteer offers that began to pour in. Corps had to apply to the Lord Lieutenant, the 2nd Lord Carrington, for authorisation and also required a safe rifle range of at least 200 yards, a secure armoury, and an approved uniform. The official date of formation was that on which the offer forwarded by the Lord Lieutenant was accepted by the Secretary of State for War, and usually coincided with the dates of commission of the first officers as printed in the Army List.

The first commissions of the 3rd (Buckingham) RVC were dated 11 May 1860, but the first public meeting had been chaired by the mayor, H. M. Bradford, an ironmonger and seed merchant, on 26 November 1859. A total of £209.9s.0d for the corps was raised that night. Names of potential members were taken at the Town Hall on 17 December. By January 1860 the sum had risen to £317.2s.0d.

A 7th Bucks (Winslow) RVC was officially accepted on 17 May 1861, having been formed as a subdivision on 17 December 1860. It was then absorbed by the Buckingham corps, however, to form the 3rd Bucks (Buckingham and Winslow) RVC in 1863. The combine corps became part of the 1st Bucks Administrative Battalion in July 1862 and a company in the consolidated 1st Bucks Volunteers in March 1875.

The Hon. Percy Barrington of Westbury, later 1st Viscount Barrington, took command of the Buckingham corps in 1860. Subsequently, he commanded the 1st Bucks Administrative Battalion from 1864.  

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